Our Economy is Rigged.

It’s time to make our economy work for working people in Nebraska — not just corporations and the wealthy few.

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This isn't an accident.

For years, the wealthy and corporations have been getting richer while the middle class and working people get the short end of the stick.

Playing by Separate Rules

Big corporations and the wealthy have influenced their allies in Congress to push for a tax code that lets them dodge their taxes, paying less than the average American (or even nothing), while everyday folks are paying more than their share and falling further behind.

Growing Too Big and Powerful

Republicans in Congress have rewritten financial rules to let corporations get bigger and bigger and richer and richer, giving them unprecedented power to jack up prices whenever they want to make even bigger profits — leaving working people to foot the bill.

Taking Power from Working People

Corporations have changed the rules to take bargaining power away from working people and keep wages from going up, and it’s worse for working people of color.

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