Press Release: Unrig Our Economy Nebraska Launches

April 2, 2022

Kevin Cass – Campaign Manager, Unrig Our Economy Nebraska
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Unrig Our Economy Nebraska Launches to Fight for an Economy that Works for Working People

Local economic campaign names fighting corporate concentration, rewriting the tax code, and building worker power as essential to growing the middle class 

Omaha, Nebraska — Today, Unrig Our Economy Nebraska launched an effort to rewrite the rules of our economy and take power back for the working people of District 2. Over the coming months, Unrig Our Economy Nebraska will lift up stories of residents and shine a light on where their Representatives stand – with them or with corporations and the rich who’ve rigged our economy.

“The big Republican elephant in the room is Representative Don Bacon’s complicity with his corporate cronies to rig our economy against working Nebraskans,” said Kevin Cass, Campaign Manager for Unrig Our Economy Nebraska. 

“Don Bacon has publicly stated that ‘corporate tax reductions benefit everyone’ (Roll Call 6/4/18) while he advocated cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%. Nebraskans know better. We know that when the middle class does well, we all do well, but with representatives like Don Bacon in office, corporations have been getting richer while working people get the short end of the stick.”

Residents of the second district shared their stories with personal examples of exactly how economic policies impact the lives of hard working Nebraskans.

“Throughout my entire life, my family and I have struggled financially to make ends meet. At a young age, both of my parents were classified as legally disabled. Because they couldn’t afford much on disability, I was uninsured for half of my life. When I turned 19, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Prior to being on Medicaid, I owe more than $20,000 in medical bills that my insurance doesn’t cover. I’ve now had to file for bankruptcy because there’ve been times where I’ve had to choose between spending money on my medical procedures, or buying food. Not only is that a disheartening choice, but it’s inhumane,” said Victoria Dentler, a resident of Omaha.  

Gabrielle Rima, manager of the nonprofit coffee/bookstore/church, Urban Abbey said  “I ended up being a college drop out because I couldn’t afford it. Despite having a full ride to community college, working full time at Starbucks, and my mom’s financial support to cover one year at UNO, the financial burden was too much. My education is incredibly important to me, but I can’t be a full time student and full time worker.”

The working people of Nebraska deserve a leader who stands up for working people, but Congressman Bacon has made it clear that his priority is maintaining the status quo that benefits the ultra-wealthy — voting against the PRO Act, which would have given middle class workers more power to negotiate for higher wages and better working conditions, and by voting against the American Rescue Plan, which invested billions of dollars in middle-class families and helped save us from economic recession.

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